Depending on your needs, we have the key and keying system to suit.

From standard key cutting for simple duplicate keys to high-security restricted keys suitable for installations in Prisons, Government Departments, Hospitals, and Airports - we will have what you need.



For many years, master key systems were primarily used in commercial properties. But now, more and more homeowners have begun to see the benefits of master keying their properties.

With master key systems, you can control who has access to each room in your property, so that only those who are allowed to be in the room can open the door.

There are multiple choices available with master keying:

  • One key that can open every door on the property – The Master Key.

  • One or multiple keys that are only able to open interior doors.

  • One or multiple keys that are able to open all doors except a specific door i.e. the computer room door/storeroom.

  • One or multiple keys that are able to open specific doors. 

In a residential building, for example, if you have house cleaners who come to your property, and you want to make sure your valuables are safe, you can give the house cleaner a key that allows them to only access specific rooms or specific entry doors and keeps your room with the valuables locked.

If you rent your home out via Airbnb or have a garage apartment, and you want to make sure that the renters can only use specific rooms on the property, a master key system limits where they can go and acts as a deterrent for exploring the home.

Or perhaps you have a vacation or rental property and would like to key your home locks to have a master key that opens multiple buildings while allowing for individual key systems on each house that only open that individual property. We can do that as well.

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Normal house keys can be taken to the local hardware store and copied very easily. These locks are also not difficult for thieves to pick and gain access to your property.

However, with a high-security master key system, you know that your keys are safe from being copied, and your locks cannot be picked— even by a trained professional. Next time you rent out your property or loan a key to a contractor or babysitter, know that your keys or master key system are not being compromised by someone making a copy.

  • Restricted keys can only be cut by the locksmith who owns the restricted key system.

  • Only an authorised signatory on record can request a key to be cut.

  • Allowing complete control over the key system and the number of keys distributed.

Each restricted key system is its own individual entity, no other locksmith in the world can cut restricted keys that are authorised and held by a registered locksmith.  These keys have an identification number that is controlled by the owner.

To make duplicates, the authorised signatory can have new keys made or must give written permission to allow another individual to pick up the keys on his or her behalf.

Restricted key systems use a complex system of blanks that can only be duplicated by the locksmith on requisition by the user. It is illegal for another locksmith to try to copy or duplicate restricted keys that are owned by another locksmith. 

So, whatever your needs are, we will find the perfect solution for you.

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